About AIOLOS COURIER: Τhe company is active in the mail services since 1991 and is located at 5 Leventi street, 121 32 Peristeri.

AIOLOS COURIER is considered as one of the most reliable companies in the Courier Services and is amongst the largest Greek courier companies.
All shipment are delivered by privately owned means of transport. We provide the ability to the sender to keep track of his shipment.

We have already installed ERP system which allows us to monitor the company’s vehicles in real time with the primary purpose of improving our services. Soon we will offer through this system further information on mobile phone, or mails about the exact time of delivery.

We also provide the ability of tracking down all shipments on our website.

Some of our clients are large Greek Companies and Public Organizations.

AIOLOS COURIER SERVICE provides the following services:

1. Buying
2. Money transaction
3. Any kind of external works
4. Mass mailing on competitive prices
5. Shipping documents and parcels on next day
6. Shipping documents and parcels on the same day
7. EXPRESS Shipping (delivery within 4 hours)
8. Shipping in the province with a comprehensive network covering approximately 100 cities and 15,000 delivery points even in towns and villages, delivered the following business day (receipts – deliveries – cash on delivery).
9. Shipping documents and parcels worldwide.

AIOLOS COURIER has a special department that handles all Money transactions, providing the service of returning receipts and cash on the next working day in the city of Athens (Zone 1 – 2).

Headquarters: 5 LEVENTI street, 121 32 Peristeri
Telephone: +30-210-52.20.039
Fax: +30-210-52.20.229
Email: info@aioloscourier.grr